Terms and Conditions(for International Shipping)


      • Office : 3-17-8 HIGASHI-UENO TAITO-KU TOKYO JAPAN 110-0015
      • Tel : 03-3832-2822 / Fax : 03-3831-6652
      • CEO : Yoji Shimbo
      • Store Manager : Takuya Hayashi(Web Devision)
      • Security Manager : Taku Yamazaki(Web Devision)
      • Mail : sunhouse-onlinestore@sunhouse-hinoya.com
      • Bussiness Hour(Web Devision / Japan Time): 11:00 〜 19:00(except Holiday)
      • Conact info.

*We are more than happy to assist you.We are e-mailing you back as soon as possible.
However, it may take time to respond to your requests.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Notice to customers living in UK
*Due to the Brexit, at Sun House Online Store, we will only ship the order over £135(except shipping fee) at a time to the UK.
   We cannot take the order less than £135 from UK. We apologize for the inconvenience.
   £135 = apprx.21,000JPY(As of May 11th, 2021)

*Also, customers are responsible for paying customs duties, any other taxes and costs on imports of items from Japan.
   The customs duties are depends on the items and the country. Please ask your country's customs.
    【Reference ex. FedEX】 You will be charged
    ・Original Duty
    ・Original VAT
    ・Advancement Fee etc.

Notice to customers living in Russia
*Shipping of goods to Russia is limited to a total order price of up to € 200.
   In addition, when shipping the product, we need to fillout your phone number and email address on the shipping document.
   We apologize for the inconvenience, but please fill those out when you place an order.

*Payment will be charged in Japanese Yen.
You can convert the desplayed price from Japanese Yen to several currencies such as US$, Euro, Korean Won, Chinese Yuan etc. Each price is converted from Japanese Yen automatically, but these are rough estimate.

Credit Card
JCB (currently being prepared)
    • Even if your credit card is authorized, we may not take your credit card due to some reasons. Also in the case that the credit card is rejected by our special screening system, we need to ask you regarding your order by e-mail.
    • We cancel the order in case such as
      • The payment cannot be completed.
      • We cannot contact with the customer (Please check your e-mail address before you order).
      • The customer don't take our requests within 7 days.
    • The name on your Credit Card should be as same as the account name of the credit card.
  • PayPal
    • Please open the PayPal account first.
    • If you change the quantity of the item or product, we e-mail you the bill again. In this case please check our mail.
    • The shipping address must be as same as the address you registered on PayPal account. We cancel the order in other case.
      If you have any questions about PayPal, please ask PayPay directly.
  • Paidy
    • This service is only for customers who live in Japan and have the Paidy Account.
  • Amazon Pay
    • It is available for only customers with an Amazon account.
    • After completing your order, You will be asked to login with Amazon. Please follow the procedures.
  • Shop Pay
    • Please open the Shop Pay account first.
    • conforming to Shop Pay rule.
  • Google Pay
    • Please open the Google Pay account first.
    • conforming to Google Pay rule.
  • Apple Pay
    • Please open the Apple Pay account first.
    • conforming to Apple Pay rule.


EMS / Fedex

    • The e-mail is sent to you automatically when you have ordered at Sun House ONLINE STORE. However the order is not confirmed at this time yet.
      We store our all products at each Sun House and HINOYA store. After we collect the items you have ordered and finish the inspection for those, we are e-mailing you about the confirmation(any information regarding your order) within 48 business hours.
      Customers are responsible for shipping costs of international shipping, and the shipping costs depend on the country or region. Please review about the shipping fee for international.
      Also the shipping company for international at check out page is FedEx, but the actual shipping company is either Fedex or EMS.(You cannot choose the shipping company). We will inform you by e-mail regarding the shipment in details.
    • The shipping fee is the same for each country / region and depends on the purchase price.
    • Even if you order at Sun House Online Store, we may not be able to send it to some countries / regions due to some reasons such as areas of no delivery service, COVID19, and so on).
      Besides, due to the influence of COVID19, the shipping fee of FedEx etc. to some countries and regions has been significantly increased. Therefore, even if you order at Sun House Online Store, in the case of the shipping fee is significantly high rate, we may cancel your order. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
    • We cannot take the order with many items at once.
    • After we confirm your payment has been completed, we are going to get ready to ship.
    • It takes a several days to deliver the procuct to your home after we ship. It depends on the country or district.
      *Now under the influence of COVID-19, it may take extra days.
    • About customs duties
      Customers are responsible for paying customs duties, any other taxes and costs on imports of items from Japan.
      The customs duties are depends on the items and the country.

Return or Exchange from overseas

    • We are very sorry we cannot take the return from overseas.
    • If you refuse to receive the item after it has been shipped and it is returned to us, we will refund the amount you paid after minusing the round-trip shipping fee and any other costs.
    • We can exchange the size of the item if it doesn't fit to you. You need to contact us within 7 days you received the item.
    • If you would like to exchange the item, you need to pay for extra shipping fee(Round trip shipping fee).
    • If the size you want to change is sold out, we cannot refund. In this case, you can exchange to other item or we are going to add our equivalent points of your order item after we confirm the payment from your credit card company.
      You can use this point with next shopping at Sun House ONLINE STORE.
      *It may take time we confirm the payment from credit card campany.
      *It we find out the unauthorised payments on the credit card, you lose your points without any notices.
    • In the case below, you cannot exchange.
      *Items that are more than a week old after you receive them. (Also, in the case you do not receive the product within 10 days after shipping it.)
      *Items you used or washed or hemmed.
      *In the case you lost the tags or Labels attached to the product(Such as the brand tag, price tag and so on).
      *Items that have odor, scratches or stains caused by customers.
      *Items that we have determined to have been used by the customer.
      *In the case you don't follow the procedure that we request through our e-mail.
      *We may refuse to sell our products if you frequently exchange them.

Hemming(Ship to overseas)

    • The service of hemming is provided only for customers living in Japan. We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • If you won't have the confirmation mail within 48 our business hours, please let us know by e-mail.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us.