How to shop

Here are most common Q&A such as 'How to shop', 'Shipping fee', 'Exchange policy' and so forth.
Please read this section carefully. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

The order procedure

1. Select color, size, etc of the product you would like to shop, and click 'ADD TO CART' !.

2. Please check the contents of your order in the cart. ( You can go to cart page by clicking the cart icon on the top right ).

3. Please check the information below and read 'Terms and Conditions. Mark the ' I AGREE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS' and click 'CHECK OUT' !

*Preferred day and time for delivery・・・Only delivery to Japan

*If you have any requests to our store, please fill out it in ORDER NOTE


4. Fill out the shipping address, and click 'Continue to shipping' !

5. Make sure all information(E-mail address, Shipping address, Shipping fee etc) is correct. Then click 'Continue to payment' !

*The shipping fee may be cheaper than it of when you have ordered at our online store. So, please check the e-mail with the confirmation regarding your order from us.

*The Shipping fee will not always be cheaper. It depends on the shipping country or district or product.


6. Select payment method and double check all information regarding your order. then click 'Pay now' !

*Cash On Delivery・・・Only in Japan

*We may not be able to take the credit card payment. Please select PayPal to use your credit card as much as possible.


It's all set.

You will get e-mail which is 'Your order has been sent to Sun House Online Store'. This mail has been sent to your address automatically when you have ordered.

*We have not confirmed your order yet at this time.

*After we secure the items that you have ordered, finish the inspection for those, we are e-mailing you regarding your order as soon as possible. Please check our e-mail. (It may take time due to some conditions).

*If you won't receive e-mail from us within 48 our business hours, please let us know.


Our Mail :

・If we need to verify some, we will e-mail you with some questions. In this case, please read our e-mail carefully, and e-mail back to us. We cancel your order if we cannot receive your e-mail with your answer within 72 our business hours

After we collect the items that you have ordered, finish the inspection for those, we are e-mailing you regarding your order. Please check the information regarding your order in our mail carefully.

You can find out the information below regarding your order in our e-mail.

・Your order detail

・Total price of your order (including Shipping fee)
      *If total price has been getting higher for some reasons, we will send you the new bill by e-mail.

・Expected shipping date

・Sold Out etc

・Please make sure your order detail and total price.

When we have shipped products, we will inform you by e-mail.

You can find out the information below regarding the shipping.

・Shipping Method (FedEx or EMS) , Trucking number

・Other info. regarding the shipping

・You can check the Delivery status with the tracking number.





About Stock Status

We manages all inventory at SUN HOUSE or HINOYA real store.

When we receive your order, we secure the products you have ordered in our business hours.

The products you have ordered may be sold out at our stores because we cannot update the product status on our online store lively due to a time lag of our system.


If some products are sold out, we are going to inform you with e-mail. So please check our e-mail.

Delivery(International Shipping)

We prepare the shipping for the product which is ordered before 9:00am(Japan time).

For international shipping, it takes more time than delivery to Japan destination to prepare shipping. After we secure the products you have ordered, finish the inspection for these, and confirm your payment, we ship your products as soon as possible. For quick delivery, please check our e-mail as soon as possible and follow our procedure.

Now it takes more time to delivery products to the customers due to COVID-19. It depends on the country or district.


Shipping Fee(International Shipping)

The shipping fee is automatically calculated when you check out at Sun House ONLINE STORE.

The shipping fee is calculated based on the total price of your order. Please review about shipping fee for international.

*Also, please review 'Terms and Conditions for International Shipping' regarding payment, return policy and so on.

Some items may cost extra shipping fee. In this case, we inform about extra shipping fee on the product page.

Even if you order at Sun House Online Store, we may not be able to send it to some countries / regions due to some reasons such as areas of no delivery service, COVID19, and so on).

Due to the influence of COVID19, the shipping fee of FedEx etc. to some countries and regions has been significantly increased. Therefore, even if you order at Sun house Online Store, in the case of the shipping fee is significantly high rate, we may cancel your order. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

For international shipping, the customer is a responsible for the customs duties, any other taxes and costs on imports of items from Japan in accordance with the laws of each country.

The tax amount varies depending on the country and the product purchased. Please contact your customs for details.

Rewards Program

SUN HOUSE ONLINE STORE gives points to customers who have purchased.

(As of August 15, 2020)

・1 point for every ¥100 you spend.

・500 points as a welcome bonus(create a store account)

・Get 500 points in your birthday month.

*You can use points only at SUN HOUSE ONLINE STORE.

*Points would be earned when "Fulfillment Status" becomes "Fulfilled".

* You can use points after 14 days pending period.

(About Birthday Points)

*You must register your birthday month and have at least one qualifying order placed 30 days or earlier prior to the 1st day of your birthday month to receive a Birthday Bonus for that calendar year. A qualifying order is a fulfilled order that was not cancelled or fully refunded.

* Birthday Bonuses will not be granted retroactively for past birthdays.

*Please note that if we determine that you have earned points improperly, the points will be canceled without notice.

Please click 'SUN HOUSE Rewards Program at the bottom center of the page to see how to use points

*Use your points to redeem rewards as discount codes. You can apply the discount code on the payment page during checkout. One discount code can be used per order.

*¥1 for every 1 point up to ¥10,000 (min. order ¥1,000)。

*You cannot use more than 2 coupons at the same time.

*Points cannot be used at the same time as other discount promotions.(Due to the system, you cannot use coupons during discount promotion period.)

Points will expire according to the following scheme.(Japan Time)

(Points Earned Period) Jan 1, 2021 - Dec 31, 2021

(Points to Expire On) Dec 31, 2022

To Specify delivery date (Only in Japan)

We are afraid that you can not specify the delivery date for international shipping. Even though you put the delivery date when you make purchase, we cannot take your request.


This service is only for the customers who will surely buy the product.

Please follow the rules below for the pre-order.

When the product you have pre-ordered is in stock, we will contact you with e-mail. Please purchase the product you have pre-ordered within 7 days. After 7 days or we cannot contact you, we cancel the pre-order.

*If the product which is pre-ordered is canceled, we will not be able to provide this service for the next pre-order.

So please consider about the pre-order carefully.

Returns・Exchange(International Shipping)

About Returns・・・We are very sorry we cannot take the return from overseas.

We can exchange the size of the item if it doesn't fit to you. You need to contact us within 7 days you received the item.
Besides, you need to pay for extra shipping fee(Round trip shipping fee).

Even if the size you want to change is sold out, we cannot refund. In this case, you can exchange to other item or we are going to add our equivalent points of your order item after we confirm the payment from your credit card company.
You can use this point with next shopping at HINOYA ONLINE STORE.

*It may take time we confirm the payment from credit card campany.


In the case below, you cannot exchange.

・Items that are more than a week old after you receive them

・Items you used or washed or hemmed.

・if you lose the tags or Labels attached to the product(Such as the brand tag, price tag and so on)

・Items that have odor, scratches or stains caused by customers.

・Items that we have determined to have been used by the customer.

・In the case that you don't follow the procedure that we request through our e-mail.

・We may refuse to sell our products if you frequently exchange them.


*Please check the Terms and Conditions(for International Shipping).


Our Products

1. We measure the size of one of the item in stock. Also each product has individual differences for size. Thus, the measurements on the page may not be accurate. Please measure your clothing you have, and find out which size fits to you based on the size chart.

Please refer to the diagrams as a reference point for our in-house guide on measurements


2. Even if the same waist and size on the tag are the same, the size will differ depending on the brand and model.
Please find out which size fit to you with the size chart.


3. Regarding jeans of washed model and aging or damage washed model, since the shrinkage is different for each, the differences of the size may be slightly larger.

1. Each jeans has a different shrinkage rate.

2. Each Jeans have different silhouettes such as wider and skinny models and so on. So please find out which size fit to you carefully. We recommend you measure the sizes of jeans you have owned and compare those with the size chart.

3. Depending on the method of washing and drying, the size shrinkage may increase. Especially when using a dryer, the shrinkage of the product will increase.

*[Regarding the size notation on the label ]
For example, if the size notation of the label is W32, some will be W32 inches after washing and some will shrink from W32 inches.
So please check the size chart or the information on the product carefully.

The service of hemming is provided only in Japan. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions about hemming of jeans, please contact us.

[Regarding the images we use]
Most of cases, we take pictures of the product with a digital camera and then color-process it. Therefore the color and brightness will vary depending on the type of computer and monitor and so forth.

*Please refrain from using the images on SUN HOUSE ONLINE STORE for other sites without permission.