BUZZ RICKSON'S -There is no objection that "Flight Jacket" is the highest level among many masterpiece clothing. The ultimate uniforms have been developed with the prestige of the country, huge development costs, numerous experiments, and enormous workfories, with the prestige of the country. Materials and sewing techniques, wisdom and ingenuity in detail. The good appearance of engrossed the flyers. The advanced and rationality of such "Flying Clothing" has a huge impact on private clothing. In 1993, the strongest brand was born to pursue the history and pride of "Flight Jacket". "Buzz Rickson's". The reprinting work is thoroughly particular about specifications, materials, forms, and parts, and puts a craft manship in one clothes, approaching the charm of only the real thing. "Buzz Rickson's", derived from Steve McQueen in the movie "Fighting Wings", flew to the sky in 1993.

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